About us

The firm was founded by Marco Vescovi, an expert graduated in finance and management control.

Massimo Tognola became an associate in 1989 and sole owner in 2016, after Vescovi’s retirement. Today there are six partners. Our clients are private individuals, SMEs and large companies operating in different sectors.

Collaborations with competent asset management companies enable us to support clients in this area as well.

Fidam Servizi SA

Since 1987, we have extended our reach to the European market. Our strong geographical growth is favoured by the location of Canton of Ticino, which offers an ideal platform for the development of relations between Northern and Southern Europe.

In 1993 we became part of INPACT International Ltd., London, an international network of small and medium-sized consultancy companies offering worldwide support to their clients.

Massimo Tognola Amministratore Fidam Servizi SA

Massimo Tognola

Founder and administrator

Jolique Rusimbamigera Direttore Fidam Servizi SA

Jolique Rusimbamigera

Part of the Fidam Team since 01.01.2019

Cinzia-Bisognetti Teams Fidam Servizi SA

Cinzia Bisognetti

Part of the Fidam Team since 01.09.1989

Sabrina Verga Teams Fidam Servizi SA

Sabrina Verga

Part of the Fidam Team since 28.05.2001

Elena Comi Teams Fidam Servizi SA

Elena Comi

Part of the Fidam Team since 01.09.1990

Lorenzo Tognola Teams Fidam Servizi SA

Lorenzo Tognola

Part of the Fidam Team since 01.01.2023

Our multicultural attitude represents a unique challenge and ensures the stability and continuity of our constant commitment to meet our clients’ needs.

To ensure professional and quality business continuity, the management of Fidam Servizi SA is now headed by Jolique Rusimbamigera, who joined the Fidam team in 2019.