Required documents:

  • Salary certificate
  • Alimony received (attach separation/divorce decree)
  • Bank or postal account statements
  • Securities documentation
  • Pillar 3a (voluntary pension) contribution certificates
  • Evidence of special payments for the 2nd pillar (LPP pension fund; ordinary contributions are shown on the salary certificate)
  • List of medical expenses
  • List of professional expenses (e.g. transportation costs from home to work)
  • Continuing education documentation
  • Donation receipts
  • For homeowners: all documents related to property taxes, interest on debt, invoices for maintenance and renovation work, operating and administration costs, etc., estimated value and rental value
  • Attestations on the tax value of life insurance policies
  • Indication of motor vehicles (year of purchase, price, make and model)


  • Carefully review what you can deduct – the instructions provide information on this;
  • Only submit the receipts and certificates explicitly requested in the declaration – other receipts must be kept ready in case the tax authority requests them at a later date;
  • Spouses file a joint declaration – both must sign it;
  • Do not wait until the last minute to submit your return – the earlier you submit your return, the sooner you will receive the final assessment and the more accurate the installment invoices will be.


  • Expenses for the purpose of earning an income (expenses that are necessary to earn an income, such as transportation costs from home to work, additional meal expenses, etc.)
  • General deductions such as AHV and AI contributions, pension contributions, health insurance and life insurance contributions, donations to charitable institutions and interest on debt
  • Social deductions, e.g. for children, childcare by third parties and for people in need
  • Debts can be deducted from the net worth Alimony paid to the spouse and/or children